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Love the game but after having to reinstall it multiple times and losing my progress each time - I am done with it!

I love this game and have been playing for about a year all of the sudden it keeps freezing and i can't finish a round. I've tried turning off phone, tried to update app nothing has worked. Is anyone else experiencing this or have a suggestion on how to fix. I don't want to give this game up.

Keeps crashing after tried everything - reinstalling, clearing cache, etc. Changed to force players to spend $ to advance. Was more fun in beginning. Have to give up on it now

Fun but crashes a lot. I never lose anything & can go right back in but after every puzzle & bonus I have to keep reopening

I have tried all the fixes multiple times. Uninstall reinstall, clearing cache on both app & device. Clearing data..... Nothing helps. I think they just can't support the amount of traffic coming to the site and have too many ads & Pop ups too close together

Please fix

Love this game but it now crashes after opening main screen. Please fix.


I could give it a better review (because it is a truly fun game((when it works))) if it would load past the opening page!


I love this game so much but it wont LET ME OPEN IT ANYMORE !!!! whenever I try opening it it freezes and crashes FIX IT PLEASE

App wont load properly

Love the game but now will not open properly. Frustration level is rising! Please fix these annoying issues!

Whats happening!!

This game is the most fun to play! Buuttttt its really crap this last couple of weeks!! I cant open the game half the time, a lot of times Ill be playing a round and it just cuts out and even if I won it just deletes the whole game and I dont receive anything. The game was great! But needs to be fixed because its becoming ridiculous

Solution to app crashing

I found that if you delete the app, and then reload through Facebook, you do not lose any progress, and the app works fine. Hope this helps people!


This was a really fun game, then they decided to release an update without testing it properly, and its been nothing but crashes since. I cant even launch the game anymore. Just crashes all the time. Frustrating, wish I didnt have Auto Updates on. Judging by other comments, Im not the only one experiencing these issues. Ill give them another week to update to a more stable version, but if they dont, uninstall and back to other Games for me !

Keeps Crashing

Over the last few days, game opens and immediately crashes.

Good game

Its a great game to play the only thing I dont like is it kicks you out and you lose your ticket.


I try to open up the game in a keeps on crashing. So I have to reload it the losing all of my progress. Please fix or the next time it crashes I will delete from my games

Newest update.

Ever since I updated the game it keeps crashing and wont go past the loading screen. VERY dissatisfied, please fix asap.

Good when reliable...

Was a good game, but lately LOTS of problems with the app crashing. Very disappointing.


We love the game as a family but since the latest update we have not been able to play it will not open please fix this problem asap


Expand my knowledge of words, phrases and spelling, over all enjoying playing

Game crashes after loading

Game was okay up until the new update- game will load, then the opening screen appear- then crashes. PLEASE FIX!! Not able to play it...

Wheel of fortune

Crashing plz fix now

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