Wheel of Fortune: Show Puzzles Відгуки

So much fun.

I love this game. Very fun and entertaining.

Love it!

I could play this game for hours.

Terrific Game

Love this game!

Love the WHEEL

Love this game

Wonderful Game

I love it ! It’s addictive , I’ve always loved it since watching it on tv as a child . I make sure to download it on every phone I get .

Wheel of Fortune


Wheel of fortune

Really like this app. Have a few things I wish were more like the real game, but it is fun and challenging

Wheel of Fortune

Best game ever!


First couple days and I love it

A lot of fun!

I enjoy playing

Fun game

Mostly like the show. Wish I could keep going when I guess right...

Great game!

Super addicting!

It’s addictive

Good brain activity. Don’t like the souvenir collecting at all! Game would be better without that and fewer ads.


This is the only game I’ve ever played that has become worse with every update due to changes in basic game play. This game used to be a FUN and enjoyable to play! However, in my opinion, the game has become less and less fun with every change they have made! Of course, there is never an adequate explanation and any suggestion made by a user appears to either not read or flat out ignored, but I’m sure the developers are making more money and, of course, that’s ALL that really matters anyway....right?

Great game

I love this game too much. Totally addicted!

Wheel of fortune!

Awesome game!

Tech difficulties

First off, I love this game! But lately, it has started to freeze right when I get to the bonus round (usually when I won a ton of money) then I have to get out of the game and I lose all the money. This is very annoying! This has happened a few times recently.


So fun


Was fun until it started freezing after the ads in Free play. Screen goes white and you lose the game you just played.


Awesome game

Lots of fun

Love this game! Wish you could spin multiple times when it’s your turn instead of just once. Still lots of fun!


The vowels need to get more credit when you land on the prize. Maybe after 100 you get 25 diamonds.

Love this game

I am totally addicted to this game. I love the way it makes me think. I am also learning about cultures and food from around the world. Everyone should give it a try!🤓


Great game

Interesting but

I like playing the Free game, but it has a way of annoying people with advertisements for the monthly pay game. I will not subscribe to this service as I have a very limited income, but the game seems almost rigged for making you wish you could afford the service. And the head-to-head play can be very unfair if the opposing players have unlimited Bankruptcy protections and you don’t. Also there appear to be a limited number of puzzles as I have had many of the same puzzles twice or three times. FYI: I play every day and I am very advanced along the “path.”


This game is 100% addicting.

Don’t do it

The game freezes up all the time. It requires turning my phone off and on, which means lost winnings. The puzzles are repeated, which I expect. If I play long enough I will have them all memorized. Some of the answers are really sexist and juvenile. I’m looking for a better game so I can delete this one.

super fun and addictive

it has been hard for me to find an app that get my attention and keeps it, but this one is it 🤗

Wheel of Fortune

Fun game!

Best Wheel ever!

Great way to relax and unwind!

Wheel of fortune

Ginę, except hanging up sometimes

Great game!!!

Love this game always watched it in tv as a kid


Awesome,addictive and realistic


Used to be fun, but now they have taken away diamond opportunities, letter trading, and most everything you need requires a purchase with money. They have turned a good game into greed.

Excellent game

This game is very addictive! I like the fact that you can join a team to puzzle solve together to earn different prizes. Even playing as an independent allows you to try different challenges for assorted points and prizes. A must install for any Wheel of Fortune fan!

Game crashes

You play someone in a head to head and win and the game crashes and then says you resigned. It’s lame and needs to be corrected. There are no options to stop watching ads after every round without paying. You should offer someone the ability to watch several ads for a 24 hour break or something, it just would make the game better. Your tournaments are ridiculous, you pay 50 diamonds to play and then get an either letter puzzle. How are you supposed to get any money that way? It forces you to have to keep paying over and over wasting your diamonds. This game isn’t fun or fair.

Glitch in game

When I get to the bonus round it won’t let me play. I click on bonus round and it won’t do anything.


I enjoy Wheel of Fortune because it challenges my brain and is fun at the same time.

Awesome Game

It is an awesome game but there is a glitch sometimes the game pauses and it stays paused so then I have to leave it so I loose a token other than that I love it it’s exciting and it’s awesome

It won’t shut up

The game played fine. I was very much like the TV game. No real issues with the play of the game but I can’t mute the sound. I played one game and uninstalled it. Sorry. If the developer can’t provide me with a way of meeting the sound I’m not interested in it.

Only a few complaints

It’s pretty stupid when your playing & your guess is wrong the game goes on but if another player is wrong the game ends. The game should keep going until someone solves it. Also you only get one spin. Just as Wheel of Fortune is.

Wheel fun!

Awesome game.

Game review

I like this game. Except for the fact that you can only spin once a turn. If you guess a letter right your turn should continue until you guess wrong or the wheel lands on bankrupt or lose a turn. Just like the real game!


This game isn’t like the TV game of wheel of fortune.

Great game!

Best game. Too much ads though.


Fun game! Appreciate that it’s free and turns over fairly quickly.

Wheel of fortune

It’s addicting! Fast fun game & easy to play if you don’t have much time to challenge your memory!

Love it!

It’s addictive.


Really tight with the free diamonds.

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